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November 2007
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latest_phase [userpic]
Sesshoumaru Icons (7)

images provided by sesshy_icontest.

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Current Mood: lethargicnnnnh

You need brushessssssss *laughs* what are you using? do you have Adobe yet?

what are brushes? How do I obtain them?

I'm using ArcSoft Photostudio, which is an upgrade from what I had before. It's more like photoshop, but it still has some deficiencies.


When you get adobe PS you use brushes to make effects (like all the pretty stuff you see on mine) and if you get jasc paint shop Pro.. you use tubes. you need to upgrade m'friend *smiles* but your icons are looking a lot better ^_^

They are getting better...

I don't know if this program has anything like that. Blah. I'm working on it. I'm hoping to get PS this summer when I get my new laptop, so we'll see...

I really like #6. Although, I've never had the chance to watch Inuyasha, so I don't know if that has any relevance to this guy ^_^()

He's Inuyasha's demonic older brother, he's very cold and disdainful and bad-ass. Pretty silver hair. ;p He's not really a fallen star, I guess, but I'm glad you like it. :D

I LOVE #7 of with the autumn LBC reference. Nice melding of x-cultural references. It's interesting because seasons and seasonal references are big in Japanese literature.. so to pull in the LBC quote that loops back to a cultural practice (or at least something that would resonate with a Japanese reader) is really cool.

Thanks. :) I just always want to make that song into icons, and when I added the leaves I couldn't resist. It screamed to a Closer to Our Graves quote. :)

(In my last comment I was referring to the Samurai Champloo icons....hope that was clear.) :-)

;p I figured that out. I wonder why you ended up replying to the wrong entry. Your computer maybe doesn't like lj. :P