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November 2007
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latest_phase [userpic]

I updated my sentient_icon claims: Kikumaru Eiji (Prince of Tennis) and Urahara Kisuke (Bleach).

Also, some miscellaneous stuff. A revised ZoSan icon based on luco_millian's art, some bases leftover from my Urahara claim (image originally by lexy_ra), and some stock icons. Enjoy.

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Can I make an icon request? :D

You know the One Piece shots of Sanji spazzing out and saying "Mellorine"?

I'd like to request an icon that has the following

Text screen
"You Scream"

Shot of Sanji with tongue hanging out, saying Mellorine, responding to the shapeshifters face change to Nami. No text actually saying mellorine as we already know that is what he is saying.

Text Screen
"I Scream"

Same shot of Sanji as above

Text Screen
"We all Scream"

Same shot of Sanji

Text Screen
"For Mellorine"

Animated shot of Sanji diving back and forth behind Zoro, Nami and Usopp screaming Mellorine while Zoro is gritting teeth and his eye is twitching.

Could you do that? It would be so cool!!! Let me know if you need the mellorine images sent to you.

Thanks for sharing the other ones here even if you cant do the Mellorine icon! :D

Oooh, a request. I can try it. My animation program is really limited, so as long as you don't want anything too fancy, I should be able to do it. It would be great if you could send me the Mellorine pictures you'd like, because my One Piece fansubs are in transit and I don't know when I'll get them. Are there any specific colors or kinds of fonts you'd like for the text screens?


The first exchanges between the shapeshifter and Sanji can be found here
Sanji makes two faces, first one with a jaw drop and twinkly hearts, second with a giant tongue and hearty eye throb. Either face would be good for the first three still pics, but I kind of like the first one better as the twinkly hearts are cuter than the eye-throb and also he doesnt look as stupid as in the second eye throb picture. Also there is more room around him to cut the picture out. But use either one if you like the second one better, they are both good.:D

For the final screen, the animation of him diving back and forth is found here.
Definately want to include Zoro's face in this one. :D Maybe it could be held for a couple seconds longer as a sort of punchline.

Could you do black text on white background for the text screens? Any font that is simple, easy to read fast and doesn't call attention to itself, like Times New Roman maybe.

Thanks so much if you do anything with this, and share it with anybody that wants it. It would be so cool to see it!

Just to clarify--do you want the frames of Sanji to be animated in themselves, or still-frames? Because I might have to find another program if you want them animated within the animation of the icon, you know? If you want the hearts moving and stuff...Otherwise it will be no problem, except it might not be as clear as if I made my own screencaps. Is that ok?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

These are what I have now. Are they ok, or do you want me to try and get a program so that Sanji can be moving or so you can see Usopp and Nami and such.../

Oh those are Beautiful screencaps!

The first three of Sanji are great as stills. The hearts dont have to twinkle.
I would have liked just the last scene to be animated, with Nami and Usopp in it, and Zoro's eye twitching while Sanji fangirled back and forth about 4 times in the background. But if it is any extra trouble for you, I hate to ask. Probably the last scene would work ok with the still screencap you have, especially if the viewer already recognized the scene. I just think it would look funnier with the diving back and forth and the eye twitch.

You are doing great either way! I can hardly wait to see it!

OK. I'm looking into the program thing, so I'll try to have the last frame animated. (I agree that it would look better). :D Glad you like so far.

All right, well. I have yet to figure out how do to the last frame all animated and stuff, but until then...I hope this can tide you over until I get something better together:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Hurray You are the BEST!

Ha ha it looks great!! XD XD XD!

Credit should show up by mousing over the icon! Thank you!!!

:D Thanks, I'm glad you like it. I will let you know as soon as I have fixed the last frame. If you want, I can slow it down some more, too, when I do that...

Thanks! I would like it slowed down a little, maybe to a count of three for each still screen and a count of 6 for the last animated screen. Icons that blink too fast can be hard to read and distracting. I like the slower ones better. But you did a great job and I am impressed. Can I ask what program you use to build icons?

I love your boob of death icon too. XD Did you hear about the real life stripper who was sued for breast attack, she later sold(p) the implant on eBay(p)

Truth is stranger than fiction. :D

Yeah, I like slower ones better, too. I'll slow it down a bit once I get the last frame all figured out.

Haha. Foamy is the Lord & Master. :D I didn't hear about that at all! That's hilarious. :D